Volk is an astronaut and member of Project Jörð.

Appearance Edit

Volk has medium length, light colored hair. He has facial hair and an earring on each ear.

Personality Edit

Volk is polite and respects the talent of the Agravity Boys. He is self-admittedly a playboy.[1] He is the most rational member of Project Jörð.

History Edit

Volk was part of a colonization race by countries from Earth. He spent 20 years in cold sleep on the way to α-Jumbro.

Along with rest of Project Jörð, he arrived about a month after the Agravity Boys did.

Volk and other members of the group were greeted casually by Baba, Geralt and Saga, as those members of the Agravity Boys were disappointed that none of the new arrivals were girls.

Relationships Edit

Agravity Boys Edit

Volk seems to be respectful of the Agravity Boys and recognize their talents. Although he thinks his group should be cautious with them, he wants diplomatic relations with the Agravity Boys.

Babazulagi Kiplagat Edit

Volk has called Baba "the genius engineer." Because of this, Baba then called Volk and the others gentlemen.[2]

Chris Erwitt Edit

Geralt Zeman Edit

Volk has called Geralt "earth's top genius."[2]

Tachikaze Saga Edit

Volk has called Saga "the league's ace pilot."[2]

Grislow Edit

Volk disagrees with his leader, Grislow, that the Agravity Boys should be their enemy.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • At 25 years old (or 45 including cold sleep), he is the oldest human character so far.

References Edit

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