Valtari armor suits

The Valtari-Reinforced Armor Suits are powered armor suits used by the Agravity Boys. Each of their suits are differently built to suit the physique of the wearer.

Abilities Edit

Protection Edit

As it is armor, the suits can protect the wearer from injury. It can withstand high temperatures, as Saga's suit was not destroyed by the lava near a volcano.[1]

Atmosphere Analysis Edit

Geralt's suit can check the composition of the atmosphere. He uses this to test if the atmosphere on α-Jumbro is suitable for humans. [2]

Strength Edit

With his suit, Saga was able to able to hold back a boulder that fall on him, and then destroy it by punching it.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • "Valtari" may be the name of a metal or other substance that suits are made with.

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References Edit

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