This page lists the most important events of Agravity Boys in chronological order.

Before Landing On α-Jumbro Edit

Date Event
Before launch of Project Hermes
  • Baba, Chris, Geralt, and Saga are orphaned.
  • They enroll at an astronaut academy on Earth and become friends there.
  • They become known as the "Agravity Boys" and graduate from the academy.
  • The Agravity Boys are selected for Project Hermes.
Before Project Hermes lands on α-Jumbro
  • The Agravity Boys launch into space for Project Hermes three days before landing on α-Jumbro. Two days later, the Agravity Boys receives a message from Earth that nuclear war had started there. The message states the Agravity Boys are humanity's last hope. After this message, communication with Earth stops.
  • Project Jörð launches into space to colonize α-Jumbro. The astronauts in the group are put into cold sleep.

Landing On α-Jumbro Edit

Date Event
Day of landing in 2119 A.D

Three days after launching, the Agravity Boys' ship is transported by a black hole to α-Jumbro, essentially transporting them 20 years into the future. They then crash land on the planet. The Higher Being appears and offers them the Genar-Diversion, but they ultimately decide not to use it.

1 day after landing The Higher Being gives the Agravity Boys the faster-than-light communicator and a space porn magazine.
Over two weeks after landing Chris is taken by the Jumbros, an intelligent native alien species. The Agravity Boys find their nest. Geralt is able to understand their language because he had analyzed the space porn magazine. Geralt translates for the Jumbros, who say they came in peace and just wanted to greet the Agravity Boys. The Agravity Boys befriend the Jumbros.
About a month after launch of Project Hermes Project Jörð arrives on α-Jumbro and is greeted by the Agravity Boys.
After Project Jörð arrives on Alpha Jumbro The Agravity Boys and Project Jörð are taken to the planet Alesta by the Higher Being for a flirting contest. Baba, Geralt and Grislow are arrested for obscenity. They become a part of a gang and are forced into a prison break, making them wanted criminals.
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