Saga ( タチカゼ サガ ) is the leader of the Agravity Boys and Project Hermes.[3] He is also the group's pilot.

Appearance Edit

Saga has brown eyes and black spiky hair with brown-red streaks. He has a lean, athletic build.

Personality Edit

Saga is hot-blooded and passionate. He has the messiest room out and is regarded as the least intelligent of the Agravity Boys. He is a heavy sleeper. Like the other Agravity Boys, he will risk his life to save his friends. He is very patient with the jumbros.[4] Although he can be distracted by his competitiveness or interest in girls, when things get serious, Saga is one of the most level headed and competent of the Agravity Boys.

History Edit

Saga is an orphan who grew up together with the rest of the Agravity Boys at an academy for astronauts on Earth. The Agravity Boys were all chosen for Project Hermes.

Saga and the rest of the Agravity Boys crash landed on Alpha Jumbro in 2119 A.D.

When the Higher Being gives the Agravity Boys the Genar-Diversion elixir, Baba, Saga and Geralt initially want Chris to become the woman, since he is the most feminine of the group. Eventually they decide not to use the elixir. Baba, Saga and Geralt still got excited over the possibility of other colony ships having girls, however.

When Geralt gets food poisoning and must be carried by Baba to the ship, Saga along with Chris fend off the dark creatures.

When Geralt got sick from overdosing on steroids, Saga recruited the help of the Jumbros and braved a volcano in order to find a herb to save Geralt's life.

During the flirting contest on planet Alesta, Saga earned a point for the Agravity Boys by fighting off robots harassing Leeta and asking her for coffee. Saga eventually wins the contest for the Agravity Boys by recruiting maids from the Space Maid Center. The maids wanted to thank the Agravity Boys for helping Puffin.

Abilities Edit

Pilot Edit

Saga pilots the Litl Skeep and is also shown to drive vehicles, such as the one he uses to get to the volcano to find an herb to save Geralt.

Leader Edit

When things get serious, Saga is a competent leader who gets results.

Equipment Edit

Valtari-Reinforced Armor Suit Edit

Saga has his own personal Valtari-Reinforced Armor Suit.[5] It is colored orange and green.[6]

Relationships Edit

Babazulagi Kiplagat Edit

Chris Erwitt Edit

Chris and Saga have known each other since middle school. Chris helps wake up Saga every morning. Saga will sometimes lie in order to protect Chris' feelings.

Geralt Zeman Edit

Saga has called Geralt "too horny." Saga risked his life to save Geralt in Chapter 9.

Project Jörð Edit

Saga believes that baggage from Earth should be left behind and that friendly relations should be established with Project Jörð despite that they came from a different Earth country(s) than the Agravity Boys.

Leeta Edit

Leeta agreed to a coffee date with Saga, however the date may not have occurred as it was not shown in the manga.

References Edit

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