Sache is the captain of the pirate ship Qarakhasan.


Before meeting Baba, Geralt and Grislow, Sache traveled to every galaxy, striking fear into the hearts everyone his pirate ship Qarakhasan came in contact with. Sache was sentenced to 900 million years in prison.

After Baba, Geralt and Grislow were arrested for public obscenity, Geralt was assigned to share a cell with Sache. Geralt allowed Sache to have the top bunk after Sache asked.

Sache intervened after Baba, Geralt and Grislow were easily defeated by the Glint Gang in prison. Sache gets the Glint Gang to back off and gets his gang to set the boys loose. Sache tells the boys that he was impressed that they stood up to the Glint Gang, and says he also wanted to thank Geralt for letting him get the top bunk. Baba, Geralt and Grislow became part of the Qarakhasan pirate family.

The day before Baba, Geralt and Grislow were going to be released, the Qarakhasan gang forced them into a prison break.

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