Puffin is a female alien and former maid from the Space Maid Center on planet Alesta

History Edit

Some years before the Agravity Boys arrived on α-Jumbro, Puffin was sucked into a suddenly appearing wormhole and was marooned on the planet Alesta. While trying to find a way back to her home planet, she worked as a maid at the Space Maid Center on Alesta.

She was offered as a maid by the Higher Being to the Agravity Boys. Rather than having her as a maid, however, the Agravity Boys asked to have her returned to her family. The Higher Being allowed this. He temporarily teleported her to Alpha Jumbro, explained the situation to her and asked her if she wanted to return to her home planet. She agreed. Knowing that the earthling Agravity Boys that appeared before her helped her, she cried in happiness before being teleported to her home planet.

Some time later, a wormhole appeared in the galaxy that allowed Alesta to communicate with her former coworkers at the Space Maid Center. She told her coworkers after the earthlings - the Agravity Boys - who had helped her.

During the flirting contest on planet Alesta, the maids at the Maid Space Center found out that Saga was from Earth and decided to help Saga win the contest.


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