Agravity boys ship

The Agravity Boys' ship crash lands on the planet.

Project Hermes was part of a race by different countries on Earth to colonize and terraform α-Jumbro. Project Hermes was sponsored by the country Freedom Federation. The project selected the Agravity Boys students, who attended an academy for astronauts. The project launched in approximately 2119 A.D., sending the Agravity Boys to α-Jumbro.

Two days after launch, the Agravity Boys received a message from Earth that they were humanity's last hope, as Earth was being destroyed by nuclear war. The next day, a black hole appeared before the Agravity Boys' vessel and transported them to α-Jumbro, making the project at least partially a success. The black hole allowed their vessel to arrive at α-Jumbro instantaneously rather than the 20 year journey it was expected to take traveling through space.

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