Agravity Boys is a science fiction comedy manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Nakamura. It began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump on December 9, 2019.[1]

Jennadai Version 3to1 is a one-shot that appears to be the prototype of Agravity Boys.

The first volume of the Agravity Boys manga was released in Japan on April 3, 2020.[2]

The official Agravity Boys twitter account was created in March 2020.

List of Volumes Edit

# Chapters JP Release Date JP ISBN Pages JP Cover
  1. Genar-Diversion 3-to-1
  2. Downtown boys, Uptown girl?
  3. I'm Gonna Be (500au)
  4. Gobbledygook
  5. Live to Tell the Tale
  6. Settler
  7. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
April 3, 2020 978-4088823027 192
Agravity Boys Volume 1 JP
2 July 3, 2020 978-4088823454 192

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format Edit

  1. 3 Trash Hyper Blues
  2. The Flame and the Arrow
  3. Blink of Stars
  4. Fior Di Latte
  5. Brand-New Sunset
  6. I Still Remember
  7. You! Me! Dancing!
  8. Heartstrings
  9. They Don't Care About Us
  10. Lost in the Supermarket
  11. Farewell for Alesta
  12. Get It Together
  13. arne
  14. Finally We Are No One
  15. All I Understand Is that I Don't Understand
  16. The Day Will Come Before Long
  17. Her Space Holiday
  18. It Doesn't Stop
  19. Modal Soul
  20. Past Is Prologue

Trivia Edit

  • All but the first chapter title is in English, even in the Japanese version.

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