Luo Yinuo is an astronaut, a member of Project Jörð, and an agent from the Northern Alliance's secret intelligence organization.

Appearance Edit

Luo has red hair with the sides shaved. He has various piercing on his face and ears. Parts of his face are sewn. He has dark eye circles. In contrast to the other members of the Project Jörð, he appears to wear something similar to a jacket over his bodysuit. He has a short stature.

Personality Edit

Luo is shy around strangers, but shows his fun-loving and thrill-seeking personality around his friends.

History Edit

Luo is a member of the Northern Alliance's secret intelligence organization. He is a top-tier soldier who has fought in all sorts of battles.

Grislow encountered Luo after Luo had defeated the enemy spy that Grislow had been duped by. Wearing only his underwear, Grislow invited Luo to Project Jörð, which so amused Luo that he smiled the first time in his life. Luo accepted Grislow's invitation and became a member of Project Jörð.

As a member of Project Jörð, Luo was part of a colonization race by countries from Earth. He spent 20 years in cold sleep on the way to α-Jumbro.

Along with rest of Grislow's Group, he arrived about a month after the Agravity Boys did.

Luo and other members of the group were greeted casually by Baba, Geralt and Saga, as those members of the Agravity Boys were disappointed that none of the new arrivals were girls. Luo did not greet the Agravity Boys when initially meeting them.

Luo was amazed and thrilled after having been teleported to Alesta during the flirting contest. Some of the alien girls found Luo cute.

After Grislow had racked up a debt from donating to Chris' livestreams, Luo and Grislow began scouting to collect the bounties that Grislow's debt collectors had. Chris happened to see Luo and Grislow and struck up a conversation, causing Luo to hide behind Grislow in shyness. When the debt collectors attacked Grislow, Luo was angered and immediately defeated them. During the fight, one debt collector fired at Luo, but Grislow ran in front of Luo to protect him. Luo was shocked and upset over Grislow getting injured, but Chris reassured him that it was not life threatening.

After Grislow passed out, Luo told Chris about his loyalty to Grislow and how he hopes Grislow continues to be a source of fun and absurdity.

Relationships Edit

Grislow Krakowski Edit

Luo finds Grislow very amusing, as Grislow often gets into hilarious situations and acts in an absurd way. Luo is fiercely loyal and protective of Grislow.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on his name, he may be Chinese.
  • At 17, he is the youngest member of Project Jörð.
  • He is the only member of Project Jörð to have shown fighting prowess so far. He may be the group's designated fighter.


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