"A very friendly and curious species indigenous to α-Jumbro. It's common for them to consider things they find in the ship edible and then eat them. There's a wide variety of them!" - Fun α-Jumbro Big Book of Creatures No. 001[1]

Jumbro is a species of intelligent life native to α-Jumbro.

Biology Edit

Very large jumbro

An unusually large and muscular jumbro next to Saga and more normally sized jumbros.

Jumbros come in a variety of shape and sizes. Jumbros are bipedal and have elongated bodies. The tops of their head vary in shape, but many of them are rounded. Their feet are round and proportionately large. Their skin color ranges from light to dark. They have two eyes that are black if they have light skin or white if they have dark skin. They have rounded arms that are normally hidden. They are capable of speech, but it is unknown where their voices come from. [2] Their mouths appear to be in the middle of their body.[3]

History Edit

Jumbros are indigenous to Alpha Jumbro.

Sometime after two weeks have passed since the Agravity Boys had arrived, the jumbros notice their ship and decide to investigate and enter the ship. The children with them got scared by how big the ship was, and ran amuck in the ship, eating all of the food and soaking the Geralt's bathroom with water. One of the jumbros also stole Baba's underwear. After Chris encountered one jumbro on the ship, Chris was abducted and taken to the nest of the jumbros.

Chris jumbro king
When Chris awoke, Chris saw a sick jumbro and healed them. After that, Chris was treated like a king by the jumbros. When the Agravity Boys rush over to the jumbro nest to save Chris, Geralt translates for the jumbros. The jumbros say that they only wanted to welcome their new neighbors. Geralt had learned the jumbro language through analyzing the space porn magazine the Higher Being had given to the Agravity Boys. The Agravity Boys and the jumbros establish friendly relations.
Saga driving with the jumbros

Saga driving with jumbros that remind him of his friends. From top to bottom: Baba jumbro, Geralt jumbro, Chris jumbro.

When Geralt had gotten sick from steroids overdose, Saga enlists the help of the jumbros to locate a volcano that a curative herb grows on. He enlists three jumbros and has them ride with him in a car to the volcano. Saga comments that the jumbros that went with him remind him of his friends. When they arrive, Saga asks the jumbros to find the herb while he holds back the lava and flying rocks. The jumbros mistakenly give Saga rocks instead of herbs multiple times, but eventually the jumbros find the herb. When they return to the ship and heal Geralt, the Agravity Boys thank the jumbros.

Culture Edit

Jumbro nest

The nest of the jumbros.

Jumbros are friendly and curious. They may be very forward with their desire to befriend others, as they abducted Chris to welcome him. When Chris heals a sick Jumbro, they treat Chris very graciously, fashioning a throne for him. Jumbros appear to jump or raise one foot in the air when they are feeling happy or energetic. The Jumbros made their nest in an enormous plant.

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References Edit

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