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Higher Being is a powerful inter-dimensional being.


Higher Being's body is shaped vaguely like a hooded figure. There is a bright glow emanating from him. Some of the energy that beams at his sides are shaped similarly to wings. He has several tentacle-like appendages.


Higher Being is self-admittedly a sadist who enjoys toying with the Agravity Boys.[1] His usual method of tormenting them is to test their friendship by offering them choices of gifts that are either practical or gifts that tempt selfishness. He will often stop short of directly helping the Agravity Boys. He enjoys insulting the boys as foolish, pitiable and inferior. Despite all of that, he somewhat cares for the them as he beaten up and traumatize an imposter version of him who had ill intentions for his "toys".


Shortly after the Agravity Boys arrive on α-Jumbro, Higher Being appears before them, introducing himself as being hailing from a dimension "much higher than your own." Claiming he pities them, he offers them the Genar-Diversion elixir, causing the Agravity Boys to start arguing among themselves about who should be turned into a woman. Eventually, the Agravity Boys decide not to use the elixir and dispose of it.[2]

The next day, Higher Being offers them either the faster-than-light communicator or an alien girl named Puffin who will come clean for the Agravity Boys once a week. The Higher Being claims that the girl was chosen based on the tastes of the Agravity Boys. While Baba, Geralt and Saga find her cute, they ultimately decide to ask the Higher Being to return her to her family on her home planet, as she was stranded on a planet much like they were. The Higher Being agrees to this, but questions their choice to help a stranger instead of asking for something more practical. Puffin is teleported by the Higher Being and cries out of happiness.

For unknown reasons, the Higher Being decides to give them the communicator anyway. He may have done this since, as Geralt points out, it would still be difficult to impossible to communicate with aliens elsewhere in space due to the language barrier or if they do not have the technology to receive transmissions. He also leaves them a space porn magazine featuring aliens, perhaps to still allow them to learn alien language, or merely to toy with them further.[3]

Some time after, the Higher Being appears again and asks the Agravity Boys to each state what they desire. Using one of his tentacles, he manipulates Baba into selfishly desiring a girl, turning him against the rest of the boys. The Higher Being then declares that only one wish will be granted and relocates the boys to a battle arena atop the leaf of an enormous plant. The last one remaining on the leaf is to get his wish granted. The Higher Being assures that anyone who falls off the leaf will grabbed by the plant's tendrils and remain safe.

When Baba charges at Geralt, Saga protects him but is pushed off the leaf. Geralt then immediately falls off anyway as he dropped his glasses and lost his footing. Only Chris and Baba remain. Baba struggles with his desires and the manipulation from Higher Being. Chris encourages Baba not to lose to the Higher Being. Baba eventually breaks free of the Higher Being's influence and walks off the leaf on purpose, leaving Chris the victor by default. Since Chris had asked for data of viruses and germs on α-Jumbro that are harmful to humans, the Higher Being mentions that the tendrils of the enormous plant have valuable samples.[4]

After more than two weeks[5] had passed since the arrival of the Agravity Boys on α-Jumbro, Geralt became deathly sick from overdosing on steroids.[6] The Higher Being told the Agravity Boys of a plant called "Doping Ban Herb" that can be boiled down to a drink that would have Geralt instantly recover. This plants grow only outside the mouth of the largest volcano on α-Jumbro. When Baba asks where this volcano is, Higher Being refuses to tell them.[7]

Some time after Project Jörð arrives on Alpha Jumbro, the Higher Being thinks about how he never expected humans to be so entertaining. He brings the humans to the number one pleasure district on the planet Alesta. He tells them that the team who picks up the most girls will receive information about earth. In the end, the Agravity Boys win the contest due to the efforts of Saga. However, the Higher Being decides to reward both teams with information about earth anyway. He tells them that the earth fell, and the only way to save the earth is to build a time machine. According to the Higher Being, all of the materials to build the machine are all available on Alpha Jumbro.


Higher Being drinking coffee made by the Agravity Boys.

Omnipotence & Omniscience[]

It is possible that Higher Being is practically omnipotent and omniscient, since he is able to do and know many things outside of the power of a human being, and there is nothing known that he cannot do or know.


The Higher Being speaks of having several "hands," which are his tentacle-like appendages.[8] He can use

these appendages to grab things and also to drink.[9]

Manipulation, Conversation & Analysis[]

Higher Being using one of his "hands" to manipulate Baba.

The Higher Being is able to converse with and manipulate people by touching one of his tentacles to their head to have a "personal conversation with them." He asserts that this is not manipulation, but in practice he was able to make Baba fall to selfishness and turn on his friends temporarily. In the end Baba was able to resist the Higher Being's manipulation eventually.[10] He was also able to detect that Geralt was suffering from side effects of a drug by touching his tentacle to Geralt's forehead.[11]

Voice Projection[]

The Higher Being appears to be able to speak to the Agravity Boys at any time even when not physically present.[12] This may be telepathy.


The Higher Being seems to be able to teleport to any location as he is seen appearing and disappearing from the vicinity of the Agravity Boys. He is able to teleport people to other locations, as shown with Puffin.[3]

Technology Procurement[]

The Higher Being has offered advanced technology to the Agravity Boys: the Genar-Diversion elixir[2] and the faster-than-light communicator[3]. It is not unknown whether he himself made these technologies or whether he simply came to possess them.

Physics Disruption[]

Objects around him float and move. Members of the Agravity Boys have mentioned that laws of physics seem to be broken by the Higher Being.


Agravity Boys[]

The Higher Being claims to pity the Agravity Boys, but routinely insults them and torments them by giving them hard decisions. He enjoys seeing them suffer and feud with one another. He generally refuses to help them without putting them in trying situations. When an imposter version of him tricked the Agravity Boys and had ill intentions on his "toys", Higher Being beaten up and traumatizes the imposter. This shows that he somewhat cares for them. He quickly got annoyed at them for being too dense to not recognize him as another imposter appeared before him, so he teleported them to frozen area.


  • Higher Being is portrayed as speaking in all capitals, possibly to indicate that he is shouting or speaking in a self-important tone.


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