"Why is it that every time you put on a eureka face it's when your I.Q. drops to three?!." -Saga, Chris, and Baba [3]
Geralt Zeman (ゲラルト ゼーマン Geralt Zeeman) is a member of the Agravity Boys. He serves as the group's space physicist.

Appearance Edit

Geralt has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears glasses. He was known during his academy days for being handsome.

Personality Edit

Geralt was considered the top scientific genius at the academy. He seeks interesting scientific curiosities even if it is impractical or dangerous, sometimes resulting in backfiring situations that he unwisely placed himself in.

He is somewhat arrogant regarding his looks or smarts.

Geralt can be fixated on bathroom matters. He can only use the toilet when he's at home or on the ship. He also has hemorrhoids.

Although ultimately not as susceptible to temptation as Baba, Geralt is the most perverted of the Agravity Boys and is often thinking about girls. He has managed to combine his perverseness and his scientific mind by learning the language of the Jumbro species by reading a space porn magazine.

Relationships Edit

Agravity Boys Edit

Babazulagi Kiplagat Edit

Geralt knows that Baba has the largest penis out of the entire group. Because of this, Geralt theorized that if Baba turned into a woman through the Genar-Diversion elixir, female Baba would have the largest breasts.

Chris Erwitt Edit

Tachikaze Saga Edit

Geralt considers Saga to be "pure" compared to Baba.

Testamonica Edit

While posing as a girl to gain information about time machines, Geralt began communicating with Testamonica and fell in love with her. Testamonica does not know that Geralt is male and is wanted for being a space pirate.

Trivia Edit

  • Since both Geralt's given name and surname have origins in central Europe, it is possible he is from there.
  • Geralt's favorite prime numbers are 13 and any mersenne primes.[4]

References Edit

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