The Genar-Diversion (also known as Gener-Diversion) is an elixir that transforms the sex of a person from male to female or female to male. Their memories are altered so that they believe they were always of the sex that they changed into.[1]

History Edit

In 2119 A.D[2], the Agravity Boys crash landed on α-Jumbro. An entity known as the Higher Being appears before them and offers them the Genar-Diversion elixir. The Higher Being gives them 365 days to use the elixir, and only one person is allowed to use the elixir. [1] Baba, Geralt and Saga begin flirting with the feminine Chris, hoping that Chris will be turned into a woman.

Chris refuses and the rest of the boys begin fighting over how the elixir should be used. Geralt mentions that a single female is not enough to repopulate humanity and they decide not to use the elixir. Saga then throws out the elixir. Its current location is unknown.

References Edit

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