Chapter nine of the manga.


After overdosing on steroids to rescue Chris, Geralt is bedridden and in dire circumstances. Higher Being declares that Geralt will die within 24 hours if he is not cured. He tells the Agravity Boys of an herb that grows on a volcano that can cure Geralt. Higher Being refuses to say where the volcano is, so Saga enlists the help of the jumbros while Baba and Chris stay back to help Geralt.

While Saga is busy finding the herb, Geralt is acting as if he possessed.

The jumbros help guide Saga to the volcano. Three of the jumbros accompany him there. Saga, protected with his armor suit, blocks the rocks and rocks being hurled out of the volcano, while the jumbros search for the herb. Saga waits patiently while the jumbros mistakenly give him rocks instead the herb. Eventually, the jumbros are able to find the herb, and they return with Saga back to the ship.

Baba has the herb boiled down and it is given to Geralt, who is cured immediately. The Agravity Boys all cheer and thank the jumbros, who blush. However, now Saga has fallen ill from the poisonous gas from the volcano.

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