Chapter four of the first volume of the manga.


After installing the faster-than-light communicator with an antenna, the Agravity Boys discover a beautiful lake in which to bathe. Chris begins to unzip his shirt to take it off, but is stopped by Saga. The rest of the Agravity Boys are worried they will imagine the naked female body while looking at shirtless Chris, since Chris is so feminine looking. They attempt to stall Chris from entering the water. Chris initially thinks that they are trying to protect him since Chris was once bad at swimming. Chris scolds them for preventing him from bathing with them. However, the Agravity Boys feel bad about this, and let Chris into the water. While Chris plays with the water, the Agravity Boys look away. Chris then realized that they were afraid of being turned on by Chris' naked body. On the way back to the ship, Chris didn't speak a word.

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  • "Gobbledygook" is a word that means nonsense.
  • The chapter's title may be a reference to the song "Gobbledigook" by Sigur Rós. The Japanese version of the chapter title matches the song name completely.

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