Chapter twenty three of the manga.

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Monica arrives on Alpha Jumbro after having seen Baba, who is wanted in the galaxy as a space pirate, in one of Chris' streams. When she meets Chris, she mistakenly believes he is the female Geralt that Geralt pretended to be.

She also notices that Saga is male instead of female as he pretended to be. Saga says that he has made some changes and transitioned from female to male, which alleviates Monica's confusion. Saga also lies that he and Chris are dating, which Grislow overhears and anguishes over.

Monica had also come to Alpha Jumbro to hunt down Baba and the real Geralt, who are both wanted as space pirates. Baba, Chris and Saga panic over the prospect of Monica killing Baba and Geralt. Geralt on the other hand resolves to see Monica no matter what.

Chris and Saga scramble to hide Baba and Geralt. Chris contemplates trying to get Monica to leave soon without her finding Baba and Geralt. Monica then surprises Chris by inviting him to bathe with her, as she believes they are both girls.

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  • The chapter title may be a reference to a music album of the same name by the Japanese group Miaou.


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