Chapter twenty of the manga.

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After Grislow had racked up a debt from donating to Chris' livestreams, Higher Being told Grislow a way to pay off his debts - collect the bounties on the debt collectors who were hunting Grislow.

Luo and Grislow began scouting to collect the bounties that Grislow's debt collectors had. Chris happened to see Luo and Grislow and struck up a conversation, causing Luo to hide behind Grislow in shyness. The debt collectors found them and recognized Chris from his livestreams. Grislow intervened, since the debt collectors were making Chris uncomfortable and Grislow wanted to impress Chris.

When the debt collectors attacked Grislow, Luo was angered and immediately defeated them. During the fight, one debt collector fired at Luo, but Grislow ran in front of Luo to protect him. Luo was shocked and upset over Grislow getting injured, but Chris reassured him that it was not life threatening.

After Grislow passed out, Luo told Chris about his loyalty to Grislow and how he hopes Grislow continues to be a source of fun and absurdity.

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  • This is the first chapter title that is not capitalized.


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