Chapter two of the first volume of the manga.


The day after the Agravity Boys arrived on α-Jumbro, Higher Being offers them either the faster-than-light communicator or an alien girl named Puffin who will come clean for the Agravity Boys once a week. The Higher Being claims that the girl was chosen based on the tastes of the Agravity Boys. While Baba, Geralt and Saga find her cute, they ultimately decide to ask the Higher Being to return her to her family on her home planet, as she was stranded on a planet much like they were. The Higher Being agrees to this, but questions their choice to help a stranger instead of asking for something more practical. Puffin is teleported by the Higher Being and cries out of happiness.

For unknown reasons, the Higher Being decides to give them the communicator anyway. He may have done this since, as Geralt points out, it would still be difficult to impossible to communicate with aliens elsewhere in space due to the language barrier or if they do not have the technology to receive transmissions. He also leaves them a space porn magazine featuring aliens, perhaps to still allow them to learn alien language, or merely to toy with them further.

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