Chapter seventeen of the manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Saga, Chris, Volk, and Arsh are meeting on Alpha Jumbro to discuss the time machine Higher Being said was necessary to save Earth. Geralt and Baba have been acting erratically since their time in prison, and thus were not included to deliberate matters in the meeting.

Saga suggests that two alternatives to directly building the time machine are finding the time machine on Alpha Jumbro instead, or buying the time machine. The group decide to try to establish communication and a way to travel to planet Alesta, in order to learn more information on a time machine or to buy one.

Volk mentions that while he has the number of several girls he picked up during the flirting contest, the speed of communication is still a problem. However, Saga mentions that they have a faster-than-light communicator, so the communication problem is decided as solved. The next obstacle that is finding out what to trade with aliens in order to get information

Grislow interrupts the meeting, upset that they Volk and Arsh decided to cooperate with the Agravity Boys so easily without consulting him. Despite Grislow's protests, Saga, Chris, Volk, and Arsh decide that the Agravity Boys will take up the task of communication with Alesta while Project Jörð will survey Alpha Jumbro for trading materials. Meanwhile, Grislow scolds Geralt and Baba for acting so strangely, which cures them of their erratic behavior.

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  • The chapter's title may be a reference to a song with the same name by The Clash.

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