Chapter fourteen of the manga.

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The members of Project Jörð aren't hearing back from Earth, so they decide to try to get information out of the Agravity Boys. On the way there, they find the Agravity Boys having sharing a meal with the Higher Being. The members of Project Jörð are shocked. After the Agravity Boys briefly explain Higher Being, Higher Being sends all of the humans and Leeta to the planet Alesta. The Higher Being announces that whoever gets the most dates with the opposite sex within 10 hours will be rewarded with knowledge about what happened to Earth.

Geralt approaches some alien girls, but is so shy from inexperience talking to girls that he is barely able to speak. Arsh gets annoyed when the girls leave Geralt.

Baba tries to flirth with a centaur alien girl, but is kicked by her and lands in the river. The water splash is about to hit a couple of alien girls, but Volk appears and shields them from the water with his body. He successfully manages to pick those two girls up.

Many girls begin surrounding the members of Project Jörð, finding them handsome. Grislow is the least successful, because he can barely talk to them. The Agravity Boys try to persuade Saga to try next, which Saga reluctantly agrees to.

Saga sees Leeta being surrounded by other robots who are aggressively hitting on Leeta. Just before Leeta is about to get taken by those robots to their ship, Saga intervenes and kicks one of the robots in the head. Saga tells Leeta to run away with him, but Leeta tells Saga to run on ahead while Leeta protects him. Saga instead asks to take Leeta out for coffee. Leeta agrees, and the Agravity Boys have successfully picked up one girl.

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