Chapter thirteen of the manga.

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Grislow is in bed, still in shock from the previous day's events. Arsh and Volk take the opportunity to spy on the Agravity Boys behind Grislow's back. They intend to learn more about Earth or alpha Jumbro by spying on them. While spying, they find Geralt. It is revealed that Geralt is Arsh's academic hero. That is because Geralt inspired Arsh's nation to compete scientifically. Arsh's nation created a program that ended up lifting Arsh out of a life of poverty.

Geralt, not knowing he is being watched, takes off his pants and begins sunbathing his anus, shocking Volk. Arsh instead tries to see genius and philosophy in Geralt doing this. Geralt then begins using a contraption that makes it look he is being spanked. Again, Volk is shocked but Arsh sees it as a deep metaphor for life.

Volk and Arsh watch Geralt meet Baba, who has just finished a prototype for a female form android with artificial large breasts. Geralt is ecstatic over the android and begins touching its breasts. Volk is disgusted at the android and the waste of material in building it. Arsh is angered at Baba, believing Baba has corrupted Geralt.

Volk overhears Baba and Geralt talking about the Gener-Diversion and thinks about looking into it. Volk and Arsh return to the ship.

Meanwhile, the Higher Being thinks about how he never expected humans to be so entertaining. He thinks to himself that as a reward, he will bring them to the number one pleasure district on the planet Alesta, where they can pick up girls to their heart's content.

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