Babazulagi Kiplagat (ババズラギ キプラガト Bhazuragi Kipragato) or Baba as he is more commonly known, is a member of the Agravity Boys. He serves as the group's engineer.

Appearance Edit

Baba has brown skin and dark hair on his head and chin. He is tall and muscular. His eyes always look as if they are closed.

When he is not shirtless or wearing armor, he is almost always wearing a tank top.

He is the Agravity Boy most likely to be in a state of undress, such as not having any pants or underwear on.

Personality Edit

Baba enjoys tinkering with machines. He is proud of both his engineering skills and his muscles. He is stubborn and sometimes suspicious that people are thinking of him sexually. He considers himself the most mature of the group.

Like Geralt and Saga, he likes girls and can sometimes get carried away thinking about them. He is considered to be the "weakest willed" out of the group in terms of resisting temptation.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Engineer Edit

Baba is an engineer and creates machines.

Cook Edit

Baba cooks for the Agravity Boys.

Relationships Edit

Agravity Boys Edit

Chris Erwitt Edit

Baba and Chris spent 72 hours alone together during isolated environment training.

Geralt Zeman Edit

Tachikaze Saga Edit

Baba has criticized Saga for always being late, having a messy room, and making reports that don't make any sense. They are still good friends, however.

Trivia Edit

  • At 199 cm and 124 kg, he is both the tallest and heaviest of the Agravity Boys.
  • His last name, Kiplagat, originates in East Africa. Since he also knows Swahili and is African, it is likely that he is East African in some way.
  • Baba was included as the manga's heroine in the Jump Heroine Illustration.
  • Baba is the only Agravity Boy who has dated more than 0 people.


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