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Atsushi Nakamura is a manga writer and artist. He wrote and illustrated Kurokuroku and Agravity Boys. Kurokuroku was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump from July 29, 2013 to November 25, 2013. Agravity Boys began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump on December 9, 2019. Nakamura's twitter can be found here.[1]

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Weekly Shōnen Jump Issue


2 1 I couldn’t be any happier if you read the manga and felt even just a little joy.
3 2 The six years since my last serialization didn't pass by in a flash at all. Those were six full years.
4/5 3 Thank you so much for the comment, Tabata Sensei! I dedicate the space here this week to you!
6/7 4 My AC is sounding like a blizzard. I really hope it survives until Spring.
8 5 I have many goals this year, but I really want to watch the handball competition in the Tokyo Olympics. Mikkel Hansen!
9 6 I got to meet many artists and editors at the New Year's party and received a lot of motivation. My back pain was the only thing I didn't account for.
10 7 Half of Agravity Boys is thanks to Sugita-san. Thank you so much for being my editor for six years!
11 8 My favorite Saint Seiya attacks are attacks are Hoyoku Tensho and Galaxian Explosion.
12 9 I want to brag to my hometown friend that I went to Nishi Azabu soon, so I'm gonna work hard this year and then go home.
13 10 My new editor is Taguchi-san. He's just like a manga character. Glad to be working with you!
14 11 I sneeze whenever I eat Frisk mints. Is this normal?
15 12 A bold decision was made to postpone J.League matches. I need to adjust my schedule so that I won’t have to work on the weekend in the future!
16 13 Volume 1 releases in Japan on April 3! Thanks to the help from so many people, it’s turning out really well!
17 14 I really need to watch more J.League, but I’m an adult so I’ll be patient.
18 15 The fourth and final volume of Shinobuna! Chiyo-chan was awesome! Great work, Shitara Sensei! Get some rest!
19 16 I watch Daisuke Nasu’s channel on YouTube. His talks with Sotozaki-san are entertaining.
20 17 I just realized the clothes-drying pole I brought in during last year’s typhoon is still sitting in my room. Even I wonder about myself sometimes.
21/22 18 I had the cutlet sandwich at Komeda Coffee, and it was as big as people say! But it was delicious!
23/24 19 The only thing I’ve been wanting to buy is shoes, so I’ve been enjoying staring at pairs of them online every day.
24 20 I’m currently working on the Volume 2 graphic novel release. I’m trying to include even more bonus pages. I know I can do it if I try!
25 21 I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m addicted to tapioca drinks. The Okinawan kokuto black sugar drink is delicious!
26 22 I easily reached the top rank of “god” on the food-delivery app Demae-kan. If there was an even higher rank, I think I could get it.
27 23 I’m the type who doesn’t want to leave any food on my plate, so I’m struggling with all the leftover tapioca.
28 24 I found some chocolate mint ice cream that I couldn’t finish two years ago in my freezer.
29 25 Volume 2 comes out on 7/3 in Japan. It’s also Soft Serve Ice Cream Day, apparently.
30 26 My hair has grown way too long. It’s like Mr. Children during their Bolero days.
31 27 I’m sad I won’t get to see Tegoshi on ItteQ anymore. I want to see him be flirty and cool again.

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