Agravity boys group

From left to right: Saga, Geralt, Baba, Chris

The Agravity Boys is a group of orphaned young male astronauts who befriended each other at an astronaut academy on Earth. They've known each other since at least middle school.[1] They are from the Freedom Federation country.

Baba, Chris and Saga were raised together.[2] They became known by the nickname "Agravity Boys" due to their "wild and loose and unbound" behavior lacking common sense and defying "gravity itself."[3]

History Edit

At some point before the events of Chapter 1, they were rewarded for off-planet exploration.[3]

They were chosen for "Project Hermes,"[3] a project seeking an inhabitable planet for humans. Two days after they launched into space for this project, Earth was destroyed by nuclear war.[4] The next day, their spaceship, the Litl Skeep, was sucked into a black hole that suddenly materialized, and they were transported just outside of the earth-like planet α-Jumbro.[5] In 2119 A.D[6], they crash landed on this newly discovered planet. Shortly after, they began being toyed with by the Higher Being.[7]

After more than two weeks[8] had passed since their arrival on the planet, they came into contact with the first known intelligent alien civilization on α-Jumbro, the Jumbros.[9]

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  1. As of Chapter 1, the Agravity Boys are all between 17 to 19 years old.[10]
  2. They are possibly all virgins as they have never seen a naked woman in the flesh.[11]
  3. "Agravity Boys" may have been their chosen team name for a quiz competition.[3]
  4. Since middle school, the Agravity Boys had bathed together during school trips.[1]

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